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You Only Live Once

Embrace All That Is Out There

enjoy the little things in life
Live Life To The Fullest!” You’ve heard it said time and time again. Your teacher said it, your favorite motivational speaker said it, your parents said it, even your grandma probably said it twice, but what does it actually mean?

Today, right here, right now, you are going to learn how to live life to the fullest possible potential that you can. No, this doesn’t mean you are going to learn how to earn a million dollars, in fact, it doesn’t even mean that you need to be excessively rich at all.

What it does mean is that you get the maximum results from your life, so that you can have exactly the kind of life that you want. It means living versus just existing. Let’s take a closer look.

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Living Life To The Emptiest

don't be afraid your life will end

A lot of people feel empty inside. You go about their daily routines with the occasional burst of happiness, excitement, or intrigue, but for the duration of your daily existence, you feel tired, empty, and unfulfilled.

Your live lack , zest, purpose, and drive.

You awaken each morning dreading the day.

You  feel you are missing something, but are not sure what it is.

You “wish” you could do more of…

Your live is limited and unfulfilled.

In fact, you are not really living, but just existing.

If you are reading this and you feel this way – you are not alone!

There is something very real that you can do, maybe for the first time ever, to bring some real fulfillment into your life, to fill your life with the things you love and the things that inspire you and give you a tremendous sense of purpose.

Who are You to Live Life to the Fullest?

we regret most the chances we never took

It’s important to take into account that there are many different types of people in the world with many different internal and external states. Your circumstances will differ from your neighbors, family, and friends.

…There are people who live in poverty, but are internally happy and content.

…There are people who live with excessive material possessions but are completely miserable on the inside.

…There are people who are desperately seeking to improve everything about their lives.

…There are people who only want to change one or two things about their lives.

…There are people who feel trapped by other people’s expectations and there are people who are trapped by their own expectations.

…There are even people who have absolutely no idea what they want and have completely given up hope because they have tried and tried and failed and failed, finding it seemingly impossible to ever bring about the kind of changes they want to see.

Therefore, the difficulty in encouraging people to live life to its fullest comes in taking into account that each person may need to bring about dramatically different changes in order to be able to do just that.

However, no matter your circumstances, with a conscious and deliberate effort can you live life to the fullest.

An Honest Approach To Living

you only live once

To begin to consider our lives properly, without self-delusion, without ignoring any part of our being and without neglecting any part of ourselves, we absolutely must start with open and sincere honesty.

If we are not honest with ourselves about the things we don’t like, or don’t want in our lives, if we are not honest about the things we want to change, then there is no way that we can ever hope to achieve true fulfilment.

Why is this so? It’s simple, everyone has to decide what it means to live life to the fullest for themselves. It is a very personal decision.

if you dream it you can do it

While you can seek guidance in general terms, ultimately, it is you who must decide what works for you and you cannot do so without being very honest with yourself.

If we are not completely and utterly honest with ourselves, how can we ever hope to make the changes necessary to live life to the fullest, instead of just accepting the status quo?

Emptying Your Cup

life is either a daring adventure or nothing

Have you heard that one before? It’s a famous saying in Zen, and comes from an old story about a Zen Master who was trying to teach a new student something on the nature of Zen. The student thought he already knew everything there was to know, and he constantly responded to instruction by adding more information onto what his teacher was trying to teach him.

One day the Zen Master asked the student if he would like some tea. The student agreed, and the Master began to pour the tea into the student’s cup. When the cup was almost full the student thanked the Master, but the Master just kept on pouring, until the tea began to overflow spilling all over.

The student asked aloud “What are you doing? My cup is full!” – The Master responded, “Yes, your cup is full, therefore I can teach you nothing until you empty your cup.”

That was a good story, but how is it relevant to our aim of living life to the fullest?

emptying your cup

Well, sometimes in order to truly learn something new, to truly evolve and change things, we have to first empty ourselves of our preconceptions, prior learning and old habits.

This may only be true for some of us and not others, but for those whose current mental state and attitudes are strongly limiting, it is worth taking the above lesson to heart.

Open your mind, and begin to think about the big picture because when you begin to step outside of the day-to-day and begin to think of your life in bigger terms, you gain perspective.

Living From The Perspective That You Only Have One Life

We are blessed, each and every one of us, by the very fact that we are alive at all.

There is no denying that our lives are short. If we are lucky, or maybe very conscious of our lifestyle habits, we might live until we are 80 years old or older. In the grand scheme of life itself though, that’s less than the blink of an eye.

do what you love

It isn’t just a downright shame, but a crime to not live exactly the kind of life that you really want.

There is a great technique to help you with this. Imagine the following:

You are a very old man or woman, and you are close to the end of your life. You are laying in your deathbed and you are reflecting over all the things that you did with your life.

…Do you feel fulfilled?

…Do you feel satisfied that you did exactly what you had always wanted, that you had lived exactly the kind of life that you desired?

…Do you feel that you lived life to the fullest (whatever that means for you)?


…Do you feel major regret? Do you feel you wasted your life?

…Do you feel upset that you never lived your short life to its fullest potential?

…Maybe you gave up on love, maybe you wish you’d spent more time with your children, or saw more of this amazing planet?

Maybe, just maybe it’s not too late!

Seize The Day

Let’s be honest. Do you want more out of your life? Are there still so many things that you want to do? We really don’t have much time to make sure that at the end of our lives, we can look back and be completely happy with everything that we did.

live life to the fullest - seize the day

We want to realize what could be the very most important lesson that life has to offer…

Life Is Short

Each of our lives is simply dust in the wind…

The time is NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW, TODAY!

Life is short and so we need to make the most of it. It’s important that we recognize opportunities to explore and adore what life has to offer. We must break down our mental and emotional barriers that keep us limited, confined to doing the same old things and we must break out into the big wide world so that life can whisk us off our feet and carry us away on the winds of fascination and true satisfaction.

We need to be mindful each day of why we choose to live. What are the things that are most important to us and how can we make sure that we stay focused enough not to miss the chance that life gives us to seize these chances to fulfil our own innate purpose?

Imagine looking back over your life, as in the exercise mentioned earlier, and thinking ‘YES! I did it. I did everything that I wanted to do. I genuinely lived a life full of meaning and I loved every minute of it’.

Of course, life will always come with the down times but as long as we don’t get stuck, then we are on the natural roller coaster of life, rather than a downward spiral.

This is a crucial distinction and it must be said, ‘When you can enjoy the ups and the downs, not one part of the ride will be disappointing’.

Breaking Through Limiting Fears

they'll be two dates on your tombstone

At some point, we have all constructed walls with which to protect ourselves. At least some or more than part of your life is the result of your fears. You likely have designed your life to feel as safe as possible so to avoid any of the conflicts raging inside you. It’s an unconscious thing, but it’s something we all do.

Michael Singer provides an excellent analogy of this in the book The Untethered Soul. A person has a thorn piercing a nerve in their arm, which means any contact with it causes crippling pain. So, how can this person live a life without pain? To protect themselves, a sleep device is necessary to protect from the thorn, as a bed won’t do.

Physical contact is a big no-no, so a protective device will solve that. Okay, it isn’t comfortable, but it’s protective. The person learns how to manage their life around the thorn, controlling their environment so they are completely free from the thorn.

stop wasting time

How can this person truly be free when the only thing they have achieved is covering the problem. That is a life built around a problem, rather than solving it. Wouldn’t you just remove it instead?

This is a perfect analogy because this is what we do in our lives, we have our own thorns that we construct around and protect ourselves from, whether it’s self-doubt, fears, insecurities, or trauma from the past.

As soon as something brushes that thorn, you push it down as deeply as possible rather than allowing yourself to experience the pain and let it go.

Fear Keeps You Stuck

go for the ride of your life

The in-built fight or flight reaction that comes standard in humans was great for our cave-dwelling ancestors and it does serve a purpose now, too. The problem is that we no longer experience the threats to our life we did once upon a time. Our threats are internal.

You’re not about to experience your fight or flight reaction to save you from being chased down by a lion, instead it’s your fear of failure, your self-esteem, your job, your finances, and beyond.

It’s difficult to live a happy life when your time is taken up by these fears, and it should come as no surprise that they are holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

This can manifest in the form of not going after a dream, not climbing that mountain, not telling someone you love him or her, etc. The fear of failure and disappointment must be overcome if we are to live a full and satisfying life.

Let Go Of Fear

The first step is learning to let go of your fears – you are not them. When we become overly attached to a particular idea we start to believe it defines us and it’s at that point we start to build life around it. It’s holding you back; whether it’s a person who tears you down, a job that’s eating you alive or a past trauma that is preventing you from going in a particular direction.

With every brush of that thorn, your focus shifts to it rather than what you were doing – now take a step back and understand that you are not those feelings. Don’t bury them again, experience them, forgive yourself, and give yourself permission to move on.

You have probably pursued a variety of things simply because you believe it will make you happy. Happiness doesn’t come through a direct pursuit, though; it comes from within and is a result of fueling your purpose.

Knowing your why and being willing to chase it is the key to living a happy and full life.

Quit building those walls, tear them down, and look at how you would really like to design your life.

Don’t be the person who is defined by fear, instead be who you truly want to be. Be your best self.

The Who, What, Why, When & How to Live Live to the Fullest

the saddest summary of a life

The usual advice you get given when someone encourages you to live life to the fullest is very generic. It will be something along the lines of ‘Seize Every Opportunity You Can’ or ‘Strive For Your Dreams’ or even ‘Never Give Up’.

All of these, if in the right context can be useful but what if a person is constantly striving for things that are genuinely out of that person’s capacity? Telling them to never give up would just keep them spinning around in circles.

Alternatively, what if a person genuinely dreams of becoming a billionaire, and they are given an opportunity to make thousands of dollars overnight in one of the latest internet get rich quick schemes? Should they seize every opportunity they get, when those courses cost hundreds of dollars to participate in and very rarely ever work?

Do you see what is meant by context?

The context of your life is extremely important when trying to figure out exactly how to live life to its fullest.

This is where the holistic approach works best, so that we can really learn to not just live our own lives to the fullest potential that we think is possible, but to understand ourselves and know ourselves in a way that not only encourages us to live free and rewarding lives, but that also rewards us with greater peace and understanding of who we really are.

live your dreams

If we are going to live life to the fullest, making the most of what we have got and what we get, of what we discover and what we are given, we must know ourselves at a very fundamental level.

We must know our own motivations and the things that we are naturally attracted to. We must explore them and ourselves as deeply as we can so that our full potential is unlocked, giving us the ability to recognize our higher purpose when it calls.

If we can do this, we will always know that we are making the very most of our short human lives here on earth, and if we can maybe make things a little better for the people who we leave behind, then so much the better for them.

What an incredibly fulfilling and content feeling we will have when we are lying very still at the end of our lives, with only our memories of the amazing life that we have lived.

If we don’t approach our problem from this point of view, then we will end up chasing dreams and aiming for goals that actually leave us un-fulfilled empty.

So, if we are going to live life to the fullest, we are going to need a very clear picture on exactly the kind of life that is worth living for each of ourselves.

The Personal Nature Of It All

True fulfilment can and does only come from honest and genuine insight into the fundamental nature of your own self and your own reality. And in simple terms, fulfilment is key to living life to the fullest.

Therefore, the appropriate response to the question, ‘How Do I Live Life To The Fullest?’ is ‘What Is Your Idea Of A Full Life?’

Some answers maybe…

‘I want to be able to achieve all of my goals

‘I want financial freedom’

“I want to stop letting fear control my actions’

‘I want to ensure security for my children’s future’

‘I want to raise responsible kids

‘I want to have my dream job’

‘I want a Master’s Degree’

‘I want to go white water rafting’

‘I want to climb Everest.’

‘I want to go skydiving’

‘I want more time to myself’

‘I want to have a great marriage’

‘I want to spend my weekends on a sailboat’

‘I want to wake up and look forward to my day’

‘I want to taste every possible style of cuisine’

‘I want to be of service to others’

‘I want to do certain things, I am unable to do right now, for X reasons’

‘I want to feel fulfilled’

time is running out

We must always bring ourselves back to finding the deepest and most fundamental meaning of fulfilment, because that is our quest – to live life to its fullest.

Live life to the fullest, means you get everything out of life that you possibly can, whatever that might mean to you. 

live life to the fullest everyday

Once you realize this meaning in your own life, then you can make a plan on how you will get there, after all, there are no results without action.

The Simple Concept Of Enjoying Life

Out with the old and in with the new, that’s what a fresh year brings, an opportunity to set aside the terrible things of the past year and embrace the new possibilities that are coming your way. But, why is it that so many people wait around for a new year to make those resolutions that will somehow magically bring about enormous changes for the better to their lives?

Do you realize that hope, change, and self-improvement are available today? Any day, and during any part of the year. Your life is what you make of it, and the simplest and most obvious proposition is enjoying your life!

Start Enjoying Your Life

Sometimes it feels as though we are merely coasting through life – we are simply surviving the ride, rather than truly enjoying it.

We look at those around us and wonder why they seem so happy and how they manage to make enough time for everything they have going on in their lives. That’s your first mistake. You don’t really know how happy anyone is, so you can stop making comparisons right now. It’s time to create your own happiness and forget everyone else.

This will require some introspection.

start enjoying your life

You may feel as though you don’t have time to enjoy your hobbies or spend time with family, if it’s your job that is causing the problem then you have more than one option.

The first option is to look for a new position that will allow you a healthier work-life balance. If that isn’t possible, for whatever reason, then you can instead look at how you lighten your load. Are their tasks you can delegate? Can you say no to extra projects that you always feel compelled to take? Do you have vacation time that always goes unused?

Is it a monetary issue? Perhaps you have debt that is curbing your monthly adventure spend or you are struggling to put food on the table because you just don’t earn enough. Whatever the issue with your finances, you can still have adventures.

Not every hobby or activity requires a spend – so look at what you enjoy doing that you can do for free. For example, hiking is a free adventure, as are most things that involve nature. It costs nothing to indulge in your video game hobby, read a book, or listen to music.

It’s easy to get caught up in your desire to chase adventure, travel, and eat out – but you can find ways around this. Alternatively, you could look to create a passive income that may allow you the ability to enjoy more of the world you love.

Is a relationship, whether romantic, familial or platonic, holding you back? Maybe it’s time to cut ties with the toxic people in your life. You’d be surprised at how much damage they can do to your life. Not only are they holding you back from enjoying life, but they also may be affecting your self-esteem and preventing you from chasing what will bring you joy and fulfillment in life. Don’t underestimate how powerful toxic people can be.

As you cut them out, start replacing them with positive people who build you up. Hanging around the right people can make a serious difference in your overall happiness and wellbeing.

The only limit to the joy in your life is the one you place on yourself, so it’s time to free yourself from the restraints you have built and begin to design your life the way you deserve it.

Liev Life To The Fullest Exercise

Start by asking yourself this – what would it take to make you happy? Truly happy? What is it that’s holding you back from enjoying your life? Sit down, give it some deep thought, and make a list.

56 Actions To Live Life To The Fullest

life has no limitations

Centenarians are people who live to be 100 years or older, in 2014, there were 72,197 centenarians in the United States. Joan Willett was 101 years old in 2017, The Guardian quotes her, “You shouldn’t just sit down, and let the world go by. “ I think you should keep working, keep moving, keep doing things. You’ve been given a brain – use it.”

Perhaps you have no idea of what living life to the fullest really means for you, and since this is a very personalized consideration, and a profound sense of awareness of your personal needs, desires, and a general idea of what it means for you is required, you will have to spend some time in thought.
To get you started, here are some ideas that can guide you in the right direction.

Be open to new opportunities. Doing new things and having new experiences is what allows us to grow and evolve mentally and spiritually and keeps us open to things we could never have known were possible for us.

Be sure to enjoy your life. Make sure you have enough fun to keep your life balanced. Fun makes all that hard work to achieve goals much more worthwhile, and adds to your general fulfillment and happiness.

The ability to love and be loved is considered one of life’s highest virtues. Opening yourself up to this wondrous force keeps you in-tune with the people around you and though it can be challenging at times, it brings the greatest rewards.

do not dream your life - live your life

Be generous in giving to others. Share what you have and give back to those who give to you. Giving without conditions is love in its purest form.

5. GET
Be sure to go after the things that you truly desire. Focusing on your true purpose will attract all the things that you truly desire regardless of whether they are physical and material things, or non-physical things.

Be open to others who want to give to you. Allow yourself to be a vessel that can accept other people’s help, advice, and charity. This allows people to give of themselves, which is rewarding for them. Allowing yourself to receive is an act of selflessness.

Dream big, or dream small, it’s up to you, but dream! Dream of the kind of life you want to live and of the things that most interest you. This has the effect of moving your life in the direction of your dreams.

Human connections are key in living a truly fulfilling and full life.

Thought is the most powerful tool that we have access to. Use it wisely, and it can liberate you. Think about yourself, the world, all that is out there.

10. ASK
Don’t be afraid to ask of others. They are there to help you in times of need. Don’t ask too much though, this can be frustrating and constricting.

Explore yourself, your life, the world, other people, everything and anything you can. Discover as much about life as possible. A life lived without discovery is a life lived in confinement.

live life

12. FEEL
Don’t be afraid to feel out what life has to offer. Feel all your emotions and acknowledge them. Emotions are powerful things and it is wise to observe them, understand them, and utilize them. Your emotions reveal our capacity for love, fear, excitement, the desire for change and many other things.

Don’t be afraid to speak and express yourself. Life uses your reactions to certain things and situations to determine the very out-course of your life. The more you react to what’s in front of you, the more life begins to know your true feelings, and so life will react in response to you.

Be curious, be inquisitive, question everything, and explore anything that peaks your interest. Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat, it liberated people from despair and suffering, and it introduced entire generations to continents and new understanding of things they never even dreamed possible.

15. CRY
When you cry, let the depths of your soul be released. Crying is a way for your body, mind, and spirit to express itself at a most fundamental level. Let yourself go, and feel everything that comes up. One who cannot cry cannot love.

Enjoy what you have, rejoice in the goodness and the joys of those around you. Life doesn’t always have to be serious. Stop and rejoice in the magnificence of life itself. This will bring great joys into your heart.

Hold your arms open to the world and embrace everything it has to offer. This is one of the most important teachings of all. Keep your arms, your mind, and your heart open and embrace life. This limits the possibility of restriction.

a life without cause is a life without effect

Experience everything that life puts in front of you head on and seek out experiences that you have not yet had. Don’t be afraid to dive into the deep end, sometimes this is the best way to learn how to swim. If things get difficult, you can always get out and try again later. Our very awareness of life itself comes down to this intimate EXPERIENCE of life that each of us is having.

Taste the sweet, taste the bitter, taste the salty, taste life. Like food, just because something tastes a little bitter, doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you.

Laugh loud, laugh hard, and make other people laugh too. This is a powerfully uniting force and one of the most fundamental things we look for in our companions through this journey of life. Fauja Singh, a centenarian who is now 106 years of age and ran a marathon at age 100 says, “The key to life is laughter and happiness. That’s your remedy for everything.”

Life is all about transformation. We watch, as seeds become flowers and caterpillars to butterflies. We as humans have the unique ability to choose our potential and work towards it.

Living life to the fullest means soaking up as much knowledge as we can from the world around us. By acquiring knowledge, we can acquire wisdom. From wisdom comes success- not just professionally by spiritually. Humans are multi-faceted in that we are able to learn, develop, and ultimately evolve.

just live life
Are you doing all you can to set, meet, and achieve your goals? A life of fulfillment comes with a purpose. Often times, many people live miserable lives because they don’t engage in activities that stimulate them. In order to mean something, you have to find your purpose and work towards that. When you finally find why you’re meant to be here, that will be your driving force of motivation.

22. LEAD
Lead yourself, lead others. Stand at the front of the crowd and determine for yourself where you want to go. If you can’t get there alone, get help from others.

Follow those who have proven themselves effective at what they do. Align yourself with others who reflect your own goals and dreams. This will teach you the valuable lessons of tried and tested techniques.

Cultivate everything about yourself, from the physical, to the mental and spiritual. Cultivate everything that you find to be good in life. Support it, enhance it, and encourage it. This is of the highest capacity for living as a human being.

love life

Get involved with what’s happening around you. Participating in what life has to offer keeps you evolving and ensures that you stay open to new opportunities.

Be engaging, and allow yourself to be engaged by those who inspire you and encourage you. Allow life to pull you into its whirlpools, its mysteries and you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Share your time, share yourself, share your stories, and share in what others offer you. A person who is unable to share is naturally limited. One who masters the art of sharing encourages greater unity and connection in all that they meet.

Instill yourself with all the characteristics of the kind of person you want to be. Look toward others and absorb everything about them you think is great. Practice living in the same way and you will naturally instill yourself with these attributes.

Inspire yourself and inspire others. Inspiration is something that everyone needs in his or her life. It can conquer deep states of depression and help people to attain to their true potential.

Allow yourself to be inspired. Seek out sources of inspiration, like minded people who think and feel the same way, who are focused on the same goals or who have walked the same path before you. This can inspire you to maximize your potential and soar to the greatest heights.

Unite the people around you. Unity is one of the most fundamental things missing from our collective consciousness on this planet, and it is probably the most powerful force for bringing about positive change.

Knowing yourself, truly and deeply is considered one of the highest aims in life. It not only touches the human element of your being, but it reveals the subtle connection that you have to all of life itself.

always be true to yourself

In the age of social media, one would equate the number of “friends” or “likes” a person has with their status in life. In the real world, many people pride themselves on who they know. Unfortunately, the number of associates we have means nothing if they aren’t true companions.

The greatest joys in life are spent with people who genuinely care about your wellbeing. They don’t want anything in return, nor do they use your name to their advantage. Having true friends and family members around that you can confide in, have fun with and ultimately rely on is priceless. Many people tend to neglect the importance of quality relationships on human happiness. It is truly an essential part to live life to the fullest.

An almost eighty year old Harvard study proves that embracing community prolongs life and promotes happiness.

According to the Harvard Gazette, “Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives, the study revealed. Those ties protect people from life’s discontents, help to delay mental and physical decline, and are better predictors of long and happy lives than social class, IQ, or even genes.”

Sure, it’s relatively simple to travel or visit different places within your own hometown. However, are you taking in your surroundings or just checking something off of a list.

Creating meaningful memories involves more than simply showing up. It takes engagement and an openness to learn.

When you try new things or learn about someone else’s culture, you are learning the value of respect. Your eyes are opened to new ways of thinking, new foods to eat, and new activities. These experiences will help mold your thinking. You will lose all sense of prejudice and understand what equality truly means.

all our dreams can come true

Consider things from every angle. Use your brain to the best of its ability by brainstorming and not just alone but with others. A group of people in a brainstorming session can come up with truly magnificent ideas, and even while alone you can tap deeply into your own hidden potential.

Allow yourself to learn, to evolve and change. When you have mastered the art of learning, you will realize that there are no such things as mistakes. As long as we are learning, we are moving forward.

Knowing yourself deeply allows you to be your truest self. Being your truest self means you are sincere and open about how you really feel, and how you really think. This will resolve the internal conflicts you might feel about things, and help others to understand you better. At the same time, it will help you to stay focused on your own true-life purpose.

Aim to succeed in everything you do. But don’t be afraid of failure either. If you learn from failure and don’t give up, then it is not failure, it’s simply one-step closer to the success you set out to attain in the first place.

i intend to live life

Bring about the changes you want to see. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the same old habits. Keeping yourself open to new opportunities, but at the same time staying focused on the things you really love and want will allow your life to transform into something beautiful, something that you can and will be proud of.

40. SING
Sing to the sky, sing to the earth, sing to your children, sing to your friends, sing to yourself, and sing until your heart’s content. Singing has a tremendous ability to ground us, and at the same time give our minds a break from habitual thought patterns. It is freeing, and a beautiful way to express yourself.

Look deeply into the things that you find most interesting. Whether you are interested because you like something or because you dislike something, make sure you inquire into it to the deepest depths you possibly can. This will ensure you are able to see the big picture and allow you to learn everything there is to learn about something.

42. ACT
Don’t just dream, don’t just think, don’t just talk, don’t just feel, act! Following up with action is what brings the results. A person can dream of travelling the world their entire lives from their living room, but if they don’t act on their dreams then they will never be able to be realized.

the life in your years

Reach out, reach within. Reach to the highest height and the deepest depths. Explore every aspect of yourself by reaching for your goals and pushing your reach further and further each time. You never know, if you try hard enough, you might just reach your destination.

Reject anything that doesn’t serve you well, anything that aims to limit you, to hurt you, and to uninspire you. Carefully analyze that which comes into your consciousness and if it is negative, destructive, unsupportive, or limiting, reject it.

Accept the things that work for you, the things that help you and inspire you. Accept anything that supports you in your life and your dreams. Accept the things you cannot change and learn to accept the things about yourself that you have ignored. Acceptance is one of the most powerful forces on earth, but it must be governed with a strict discernment. Weigh things up against your truest and deepest feelings and if they align with you, accept them.

Listen to what others have to say. You don’t always have to agree, or to follow them, but allow other people to voice their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. This way people will feel like they can truly be themselves around you.

to live is the rarest thing in the world

Listening also helps you to understand others and yourself better, so that you can take the right course of action needed. Listen to the sounds of nature occasionally, they have a natural calming ability and can bring you back to an open sense of space and awareness.

Speak about the things you love, the things that inspire you, the things you want to learn, even the things you don’t understand. Speak with others who can help you along your path.

Speak with people who are more knowledgeable than you and you will learn more about yourself and your life in the process. Speak up when you need to be heard and speak to those whom you have the power to help. The spoken word can change minds, and minds can change anything and everything in life.

The essential characteristic of every human being that has lived a full and meaningful life, the ability to fully and completely express themselves, without fear and without restriction. This can be done in an infinite amount of ways. Figure out how you want and need to express yourself then do it and see how good it makes you feel.

Sometimes you just need to push things past all limits, you need to go all out and give it everything you’ve got. Turn up the volume on your life and push yourself further than you ever have before.

adventures make life worth living

Don’t always accept the easy option. It is when things get challenging for us that we are able to learn, to evolve, become something more than we were yesterday and allows us to really live life to the fullest. If something isn’t challenging, you aren’t going to grow very much from doing it. If you can make something easy into a challenge though, now you have a recipe for true growth and personal evolution.

One of the most debilitating and limiting aspects of our human make-up is our capacity for fear. In some situations, it can be useful to keep us safe but when it limits our capacity for self-expression or for doing the things we really want to do, it becomes a barrier. Learn to overcome your fears and you will find that deep down you truly have the ability to be limitless and this will make for an exceptional life.

Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is the fundamental strategy used by all of the world’s greatest and most powerful people. Outside of your comfort zone lives personal, social, and global evolution and this is something that we must look into in order to help ourselves grow, not just personally but as a collective too. Encourage yourself and others to go outside the comfort zone and watch the benefit of this come streaming in.

living life to the fullest

Your imagination is a very powerful tool. It can be used to come up with new and wondrous ways to change and transform yourself and even the lives of others. You can even cultivate your imagination to become something much more powerful than it already is. Through practice and use of your imagination, you will unlock its truly limitless potential for creativity.

Take calculated risks, that may or may not pay off but are worth the chance of failure. Sometimes the biggest risks actually pay off and help us to achieve things that are far beyond the scope of anything we could have ever hoped for or expected to happen. Be careful though, not to become careless.

If the potential pay-off is worth it, and you’re sure you can handle the potential failure, go for it, you know for a fact that you will regret it later in life if you don’t.

success is loving life and daring to live it

Sometimes you just have to jump in feet first and see whether you sink or swim. After all, how are you ever going to grow to become a human being of maximum potential if you’re not prepared to take risks that most other people wouldn’t?

Helping others to realize their dreams is one of the most important things a person can do. Not only this, but living a life of service to those whom you care most about, and those who most need your help can be considered a very honorable thing to do with your time.

It is in the nature of this too that those people that you help will tend to return the favor, and this leads to a greater quality of life for everyone involved. Practice being of service by going out of your own way to help others however, they may need it.

Living a life of quality means sharing your joys with others. There is truth to the saying, “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.” When you give of yourself to others, whether that’s financially or emotionally, you are showing compassion.

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The quality of your life is determined by your willingness to give back. How selfless are you? Can you think of ways you can contribute to your community, even if it’s not financially? The amount of joy you receive after volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping a stray animal find a home is vast.

Make the most of every single day that you are alive on this earth. In reality, you never know when it will be your time to put your life to bed once and for all. Just as if you were on holiday for a short while, you really should make the most of everything that comes up. This way you are sure to have no regrets and to have lived a life that was truly worth living.


Live Life to the Fullest Exercise

Now it’s time for you to decide what you want from life and how you will get there.

1. Take the time to make a list of the things that will enable you to live your life to the fullest. You can pick and choose from the actions above, or add your own.

2. Make a plan on how you will get there.

3. Consider what is in your way and how you will deal with those obstacles. For example, time, your own internal roadblocks, fears, etc.

4. Make a commitment to yourself that you will live by the list and start to make the necessary changes. Put it in writing.

5. Take action – Start!

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Final Thoughts on Living Life to the Fullest

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what it means to live life to the fullest and how you might achieve that for yourself.

The key now is to take action. As previously mentioned, there are no results without action.

You can elevate your life.

You can be excited to wake up each morning.

You can design the life you want to live by taking very opportunity out there to LIVE!!

The key to living a full life is finding out what really matters to you, determining what you want, and going after it full force.

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